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January 4, 2013
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Ai with his shirt on.. XD by NarutoandSouthPark Ai with his shirt on.. XD by NarutoandSouthPark
so i decided to draw with my new bamboo tablet.. i think it came out okay since this is pretty much the first proper drawing i did with it

Name: Ai Susumu
Goes by: The flirt, Ai, Bro
Gender: Male
Clan: Susumu
Age: 17
Status: Chuunin
Likes: Girls, Training, Missions, Showing off, Attention, Smoking (secretly)
Dislikes: Being alone, being yelled at, not being interested in, unhappy people.
Village: Suna
Main Chakra Elements: Fire
Special Ability?: none..
Dojutsu: none
Personality: Ai is a flirt, even on missions he will try and flirt with any girl he sees, even his teammate Mi. When fighting he's more a protective person over everyone, either gender. He is almost never mad and more cool and collected but when he is mad he isn't that threatening, its like a mouse being angry at the cat and trying to fight it.
Weapon of Choice: His two katanas
Background: Ai was kicked out of his house as soon as he could walk, talk and understand his parents abusing him was wrong. He lived in a box in the streets until a nice couple came and took him in at the age of 10. Sho soon moved in with him, making the couple rather happy since they always wanted two sons but couldn't actually have a baby. So they took care of the two and are very proud over them.
Main Goal: To find his true love (hence all the flirting XD)
Favorite Jutsu: Fire fisted punch

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